Back at it Again! Robax Product Portrait

Well certain products are really household names … at least in our household … Mom and I like to work in the woods … and the Live Like Water Retreat gives us our fair share of outdoor physical fun … and yes we enjoy the labor that is involved … but at the end of the day we are happy Robax and a hot bath can be had … and of course then we’re Back at it Again! So here is a series of photo’s I came up with to illustrate this concept … Enjoy! Cheers Michael


Polish Mushroom Picking

Just a few pictures to all my friends with a special nod to the Polish / Ukrainian / Russian and other Eastern European friends who have memories and flash backs to the days when mushroom picking was a family activity! Happy mushroom picking everyone!

My Lolita Story

Now that the ice is melting here I think it is time to turn up the heat on the dirty end of winter … and so an update on an ongoing story  … Over the past few years I have been photographing and reinterpreting the Lolita story; Variations on a theme. I have read and re-read the novel by Vladimir Nabokov and watched the 1962 Stanley Kubrick version of the movie once again; as well as the 1997 version directed by Adrian Lyne starring Jeremy Irons: two excellent movies filled with rich imagery. For my own part I had brought together 3 different women who were interested in the theme … stirred in some personal stock images which I have been accumulating over the past few years and concocted this version of my Lolita Story. Enjoy and stay tuned as the story continues to grow … Cheers Michael

Big Leak No Problem part 2: Incontinence

I have been exploring this idea for awhile … UI.  Urinary Incontinence. I was inspired by the Depend brand when they created a campaign and called for people to drop their pants for Underwarness. I was really hoping to have a series in time for my Dawson College portfolio. I had already shot the “Big Leek No Problem” shot but still didn’t have the picture I really wanted and needed. This past summer, with he help of my favorite model Colette,  I finally got the series of shots I wanted. And I I am happy to show you this series. A special thank you to Bin Han my studio partner for helping make this happen. Cheers Michael

Goth Lolita

In my current exploration of the Lolita theme here is the current installment … a Goth Lolita. Keep in mind this story is still being developed … lets see how the tale unfolds … in the mean time enjoy this potential chapter… Thanks to my team Bin Han my studio partner, Kate; Keltoum Naas our make up artist and our model Emilie Gagnon. A big thank you for your participation and energy. Cheers to all. Michael

Life Modeling

Yes, way back when, while living in Vancouver,BC, I used to drop my drawer’s for art! I had the Live Like Water Tea Shop in Chinatown just a few streets down from Basic Inquiry that had Life Modelling. My good friend and great artist David Lane modeled there. He thought I would also make for a good life model. And so one day I found myself modeling for Basic Inquiry. It was a lovely space, they have since moved) and they used to play CBC and at the time it was a program by Danielle Charboneau called Music for Awhile. I always enjoyed her show and her taste in music echo’s still like the pied piper that lead us into her show. Ah memories. Needless to say I enjoyed my experiences at Basic Inquiry and expanded to so many other places in Vancouver. Emily Carr University of Art and Design was one where I had fun. Some of my jobs were to in costume and so naturally being the Cultural Cross Dressed that I am I would come with my Korean Hambok and Monks clothing.

Here is a photo essay I put together. The photo’s were taken with my old Nikon Camera using Tri X Film later scanned. The pictures were taken at Basic Inquiry and Emily Carr University of Design and Art.