Goth Lolita

In my current exploration of the Lolita theme here is the current installment … a Goth Lolita. Keep in mind this story is still being developed … lets see how the tale unfolds … in the mean time enjoy this potential chapter… Thanks to my team Bin Han my studio partner, Kate; Keltoum Naas our make up artist and our model Emilie Gagnon. A big thank you for your participation and energy. Cheers to all. Michael

Polish Girl Shoot

Here are a few recent shots from our Polish Girl shoot. The first 3 shots are from a test shoot we did with no make up artist. A big Thank You to Karolina our model, Kate our dedicated make up artist and Bin my studio partner. Thanks Team. Cheers

Sheba’s Portrait

I met Sheba through my aunt Helen who just had hip replacement surgery. Sheba was her roommate. A charming, intellectual and compassionate woman. I was lucky to have met this engaging woman. We bonded over the Jewish writer Isaac Babel whom I’ve read in my Russian Studies and she met in her classroom! Here are a few interesting shots from her bed side as she was convalescing.

Pani Studio Shoot

It because she was part Polish that I started calling her “Pani” Maclean (Madame or Lady)… And we had a great shoot and had lots of fun. I got the shot I was really after and it is the only one I retouched … that was the conceptual shot for my caption:  “Big Leek No Problem.” All the other shots are out takes which need to be retouched…but here they are in the raw…so to speak. Enjoy Cheers

Sisters at Maison Jesus Marie: Photo Essay

Welcome to the bigger picture from the Maison Jesus Marie. These are the pictures that I took while working on my Dawson Portfolio, which was limited to 11 images. Some are studio shots set up on location and others are the sisters in their residence, including some of the people who are part of this community. I have included this years Christmas Recital in this post. These are some very special ladies, all of whom have dedicated their lives to the service and education of others. We need to celebrate their gifts and recognize their contribution to our communities making sure things were done properly. During this assignment I had cause to reflect how they managed the hospitals and the cared for the sick, an environment I know all too well. These days we see how mismanaged these institutions are, a very unfortunate circumstance. How I would love to replace some of the managers I see with these good Sisters of Mercy! At one time these sisters were in the 1000’s and now only a few 100 remain and with each passing month another returns home to God.


My Dawson Portfolio: Sisters at the Maison Jesus Marie

At last is has come to present my final portfolio for my Dawson graduation. It has been an interesting semester and process. Initially I was looking at presenting 2 markets, one in portraiture and one in Advertising/Illustration. Unfortunately, this second did not materialize  as a series and I concentrated on the portraiture. These 11 images were shot at the residence Marie Jesus, and the women in these photo’s are nuns, all of them teachers and very special people. I especially want to thank Sister Helen from making this project happen and introducing me to this wonderful and warm community, and I also want to Thank Valerie Simmons, my portfolio adviser for her patience and professionalism. Thank you all for this challenging and wonderful experience. Cheers. Postscript: the first sister in my series Julienne Duval born in Feb 1916 died on the 1st of January 2016. She had planed her funeral from A to Z and had used my portrait of her to commemorate her life. I am happy to have had the opportunity to see and capture her smile.

Tango Las Piernas Montreal

I was very fortunate to have met Manuel Soto and Sylvie Gosselin from the ‎ Argentinian Tango school called Las Piernas located in downtown Montreal. Here are a few shots from our shoot in their lovely studio. Do drop by or check them out. Here is their contact info:

1252 rue de Bleury, Montréal QC H3B 2W4.
Tél. : (514) 568-6646
Courriel :


Casablanca Fish Shop

Tony is the owner of the Fish Shop called Casablanca and he was the subject of this on location shoot. This is my go to spot for fresh fish and smoked salmon. He is located at 7030 St.Michel / corner Jean Talon, inside the Esposito Grocery store. Do drop by and say hello, and maybe pick up some delicious fish for super!

Well Work

This are images of a job done to change the well pump. Justin Brock is the man working the excavator and Eric Boulange is the man from the company ARJ Lacroix. This was a job extremely well executed.

On Location Portraits

Here are some of my visual ideas for a documentary / journalist style portfolio based on location environmental portraits taken of the staff who work the hallway that connects the stores /  receiving dept and includes the mail room of the Royal Victoria hospital. This is a work in progress and I have included the environment as a character in this essay. We enter through the back door … and are introduced to the staff and their working conditions.

Sharp Shooter Seniors

Perhaps I can get this to be the start of a photo essay…I have contacted some seniors with large gun collections but so far I only have these to show…I would love to do a photo essay on this topic…lets see what happens!

Senior Sharpe Shooter

Senior Sharpe Shooter

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch

fatherFather Paul Geraghty

There is a very special man who provides a very special service at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, and that man is Father Paul Geraghty. He holds mass in the basement from Monday to Friday at noon for those of you who want a quick mass. Of course he does a lot more. It is good to know that people like Father Paul are around to help guild us spiritually. Here are a couple of photos’ from our shoot. Enjoy.

Laurie Johnson

Some pictures from a recent photo shoot with Laurie. Apart from portraiture we worked on a concept of Life Coach and had lots of fun. Thanks  for all the laughter Laurie, you were a pleasure to work with! Here are some of my favorite pictures, developed but not retouched.

Sleep Lab: Royal Victoria Hospital

This series of Al was taken at the Sleep Lab of the Royal Victoria Hospital. These are the rooms where patients are monitored for sleeping disorders. A big thank you to Al for all he has shown me concerning the work that he does.These photo’s are not retouched.


Royal Victoria Hospital

It started with a few random portraits of coworkers. I am enrolled in Dawson College’s Commercial Photography program, and my co-workers graciously posed for my school assignments and from that this project has gained a life of its own and matured into the photo essay which I present here in its raw form.  Things started to unfold and open with the closing of the Royal Victoria Hospital. People began to look around their work environment which triggered personal emotions as we remembered all the years and friends we made along the way. Initially, I focused on the people that I knew and the familiar corridors … and soon found myself introduced to corners that I had never seen. I thank you all for sharing your world with me, and allowing me to tell our story of the Royal Victoria Hospital and Alan Memorial.

Brutopia’s Brewmaster Chris Downey

I was recently introduced to Chris Downey, the Brew Master for Brutopia, here in Montreal. If you haven’t had the pleasure of Chris’s creations you should make a point to make your way down for a pint. I have been going to Brutopia for many years and still had not ventured to the back where you can see where the beer is brewed; for some silly reason the great tasting beer kept me close to my seat! Anyways, here are a few snaps of the man behind the great beer at Brutopia. Be sure to say Hello and Thank You. Cheers Chris!

1219 Rue Crescent

Montréal, QC H3G 2B1

(514) 393-9277


Brutopia's Brew Master

Brutopia’s Brew Master


Fashion Beauty Shoots

This semester at Dawson we concentrated on Fashion, Beauty and Portrait photography. Here is a cross section of this work. I hope you enjoy. I big thank you all … models and make up artists involved. Cheers to all!

Sosse’s Fashion Shoot

Here are the first round of favorites from my Dawson Studio class. Nothing has been done to these photo’s yet. Stay tuned for the developed retouched photo’s. The wonderful make up artist was Teny Sarkissian and the lovely model Sosse Beugekian. Thank you both for your time and patience.



Dawson’s Peace Garden

For our first assignment in location photography this semester we had to do a story about Dawson. I had just recently discover the Peace Garden and decided to photograph my mother as a kind of remembrance / memorial to the victims of the Dawson Shooting of September 13, 2006. On the day we photographed we happened to find the last pink rose of summer, as if in honor of Anastasia De Sousa to whom “Everybody referred to … as the girl who wore pink and was an angel, … ” The first 3 images are the one’s that I edited and retouched for the assignment. The other images were the ones I was considering and that add emotion to the story and give the editor alternative in terms of images used.