Environmental Portraits

Whether at work or at play I specialize in portraits on location and environmental portraits. These are the most meaningful portraits as they reflect you and what you do or want to show. Some hire me for their business to showcase what they do and the services they provide. Other want to illustrate their lifestyle. Others still hire me to take a portrait of their elderly parents when they are hospitalized or parents that have special needs children. Presently I am working as a part time Pediatric Medical Photographer and so I have the inter personal skills and sensitivity to work with the sick in all kinds of situations. Invite me into your world and lets make a meaningful portrait. Contact me for more detail.

Montreal Portrait Photography

 What is it that you want to express to the world? What is it it that you need to show the world?  Do you want to explore a theme that is important to you? Are wanting to invest in a portrait that is meaning full to you? Or do you need a good Head Shot for work ? One good shot is all you need. Here is a cross section of what I can do for you in my studio; with or without a make up artist. It all depends on what you need. Contact me for a quote.


Senior Nun Portraits


My Dawson Portfolio: Senior Nun Portraits at the Residence Maison Jesus Marie.

My final portfolio for my Dawson graduation. These 11 images were shot at the residence Marie Jesus, and the women in these photo’s are nuns, all of them career women and educators, all extraordinary people. I especially, want to thank Sister Helen from making this project happen, for introducing and welcoming me to this wonderful community. Also a very special Thank You to Valerie Simmons, my portfolio adviser. Thanks for your patience and professionalism.

Postscript: the first sister in my series Julienne Duval born in Feb 1916 died on the 1st of January 2016. She had planed her funeral from A to Z and had used my portrait of her to commemorate her life. I am happy to have had the opportunity to see and capture her smile. Since, other have gone. All happy to have had their portraits taken; to leave smiling.