Tea and Pottery

Here is the reason they call me the Teaman. My whole reason for delving into product photography has been for my own tea  business: Live Like Water is the name of my tearoom / tea company. I collect and photograph pottery from South Korea Master potters. I am passionate about these living works of art; especially the wood kiln fired products made by Korean Master Potters. There is such a beauty in the rough textures. I enjoy styling and working with these elements. Let me know what you think. Please visit my on line store to see what items are available.  https://www.livelikewater.com/collections/irabo-style-pottery/products/traditional-korean-irabo-style-tea-cups-wood-kiln-fired-pottery-1

My passion is tea and photography. I invite you to explore my site and its very different, unique ways of seeing. As I progress I will offer more fine art print options.

If you are so inclined check out my

Tea and Portrait Sessions. Steeping some delicious tea in beautiful pottery and having a portrait done can be very zen. In fact any great portrait or Head Shot Demands good composure. You have a choice to book your session either in city:Studio Saint Michel, Rosemont or in the country: The Live Like Water Retreat, East Bolton, Qc. Contact me for more details.