The Teaman Michael Cichon is a medical photographer at the Montreal General Hospital. He graduated from Dawson’s Commercial Photography program with honours, specializing in portraiture. He also imports tea and pottery from Taiwan and South Korea.

Michael Cichon Biography

Born in 1966, Montreal, Quebec, Canada , Michael Cichon is a photographer who uses his camera to document and tell stories. His inspiration is derived from critical thinking, comedy and a tourist consciousness that is both “apart” and “a part” of the world. Born to parents who worked for an airline, Mr. Cichon was privileged to travel extensively as a child and young adult, thus exposing him to different cultures and ways of seeing.

His environmental portrait work is a blend of editorial reportage, social commentary and an exploration of conceptual concepts that can be critical and satirical. In the former Mr. Cichon explores his subjects as characters to tell a story or describe a scene. In the later he uses still life and portrait photography (often self portraits) to give voice and visual representation to ideas and characters which he unleashes in himself and those who pose for him. For Cichon photography is an ongoing and necessary ritual of purging of concepts that cause us to reflect.
Currently, Mr. Cichon is working as a full time Medical Photographer documenting patients who require non cosmetic plastic surgery. He is empathetic and enjoys working with patients. For Mr. Cichon it is the most honest work a photographer can do.


Studio Hours and Locations:

Montreal Studio Head Shot Hours: Wednesday 7 to 10  By appointment only.

East Bolton / Live Like Water Tearoom. Weekends depending on availability. By appointment only.

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