Intimate Lifestyle Nudes

Intimate Profile Pictures: 

Because we show different faces to different people and lead different lives in public while playing different roles in private, our profile pictures can be of an intimate nature. For some of my client’s full disclosure of a specific body part or dressed in an Alter Ego is a matter of saving face while exploring another self.  These days people are celebrating their sexuality and ornamenting body parts with tattoo’s and piercings. So if you want to explore and selectively show contact me with your ideas.

Beyond Boudoir – Proud Pussy Portraits in Montreal.

These sessions are for those of you who want to have your Vagina professionally photographed and immortalized. I offer a scared space / studio that is a comfortable and safe. I have a special Medical Examining Table and create custom lighting for your Proud Pussy Portrait. My approach is a combination of medical photography and artistic creativity. Let me know what visual concepts you want to explore and communicate.

Normally I book clients during week nights in Montreal and on weekends in East Bolton (Eastern Townships.)

Naked in Nature Portrait Session. 

The Live Like Water Retreat / Tearoom is my Garden of Eden and it is located in East Bolton, Quebec. If you are inclined to have your shoot done in nature let me know and we will discuss the details concerning the shoot. These shoots take place on weekends.

My Professional Medical Photography Experience:
As a Medical Photographer I have worked with patients who are vulnerable; infants, young adolescents, social services, and women from different ethnic and religious backgrounds. I have also photographed women who have suffered traumatic and abusive relationships with great sensitivity. My energy is non-judgemental and the service I provide is sensitive, courteous and professional. Women who have had to use my services for clinical medical reasons have complimented my positive and reassuring energy. In my career I have been granted a sacred privilege to help people come to terms with their body issues and document their physical conditions. I am grateful and honoured to play my role of confidant and facilitator; and I thank you for your trust.  

Why am I Doing This

I believe in body awareness and healing through photography is very empowering. I am fascinated by the human form and am particularly intrigued by the Vagina’s intricate beauty. The vagina is the gateway to humanity as described in Gustave Courbet’s famous painting “The Origin of the World”. These days more women are celebrating their sexuality and ornamenting themselves with tattoo’s and piercings. I offer a safe scared space for confidential self-discovery photography without judgement or harassment. So, if you want to immortalize your vagina lets schedule an Intimate Portrait Session.

Comfortable with Nudity.
Growing up in my household we had a healthy relationship to our bodies and our environment. Most of our summers were spent out in the country where we played in the sun freely and without being self-conscious.  This has been a liberating and positive experience that has shaped my outlook on life. In my later years I found myself modelling for the arts. In this way I was able to give and share my form with aspiring artists.