I recently and not so recently did a shoot with a fine young woman called Arielle…Our first shoot was in 2015 and our more recent shoot was This year 2017 … here are some of my favorite shots from the sessions … shooting a model several times over years is an interesting process … time passes and we change and grow and express and reveal accordingly … actually most of my work is a layer in time … anyways enjoy these pictures …

Pascale Photo Shoot

Not too long ago I had the pleasure of working with Pascale a life model. What I great experience to work with such an expressive model with so many expressive gestures…This is some of the work we came up with… I hope you enjoy … Pascale was such a wonderful  model to work with and those of you who are in drawing or painting and have had her as a model know exactly what I am talking about… models such as her are very inspirational.

Cheers Michael

Colette Photo Shoot

Colette is an experienced model for the arts. We did a shoot very recently at Dawson and here are the results. She was a fantastic model and very professional. Colette it was a great pleasure to work with you. Here are some of the pictures (not retouched).