Head Shots

My signature set up for Head Shots is landscape format on a black background, tightly cropped focusing on head and shoulders. I will coach and direct you so we can attain the right facial expression for your personal and career goals: projecting confidence, approachability and professionalism. As an experienced medical photographer I have worked with difficult and disfigured patients. ( who did not want to but had to have their pictures taken)? There is a unique energy and everybody has features that make them special. Together we will identify what makes you special and bring it into the light … we will celebrate you! Prior to working with me I will ask you to think about your objective. I will also ask you to share the images you are using or have used so that we can analyse what works for you. The experience of creating a professional Head Shot is empowering and bolsters your confidence.


Many people, once they get one head shot that has met with positive reviews stick with it all for the rest of their digital lives. This is fine if you are a brand, but for the rest of us mortals, life changes and we change along with it. This should be reflected I your Head Shot. Sticking to the lucky shot can send the message that you are afraid of change and lack confidence. It is important to update your visual presence with a recent Head Shot. Imagine creating outstanding fresh images on a regular basis and what message that relays to your audience, followers and potential clients? Working with me will be empowering. When it comes to elicit and editing expressions your facial expressions I am very meticulous. Together we will create the images that best represent you and your goals. Let’s introduce you to the world!