Self Portraits: Me Me Me … All of Me

Of course I am a Mad Hatter … of sorts … and I like to tell tall tales … I wear many hats … character sketches … self portraits and exploration … and so here … and now … I gaze and reflect over theĀ  years … many steps … how I have transformed and taken on personas … exploring … Live Like Water … and now Introduce the retrospective … a rear view mirror and windshield … Stay tuned as I revisit, reshuffle and reorganize the journey …

Teaman In Ottawa

I recently had the pleasure to spend the day in Ottawa. Of course my first stop was to find the famous 5 and to share a good cup of tea. When I got to the Hill were I used to perform my duties as a Grenadier Guard all was quiet. Seems my girls were moved down the road. And so with my favorite tea pot I quickly dashed off. It was a short steep over and we of course enjoyed a good cup of tea … what can I say this years spring harvest was delightful!

After a spot of tea I was off toward the National Gallery of Canada. A first for me. And what a pleasure it was. Such an inspiring space to enjoy art. So if ever you are in the neighborhood do spend some time at the Gallery. The permanent collection is wonderful and don’t forget the Canadian Photography Institute. Here are a few images from my day in Ottawa.

Enjoy Michael