Self Portraits: Me Me Me … All of Me

Of course I am a Mad Hatter … of sorts … and I like to tell tall tales … I wear many hats … character sketches … self portraits and exploration … and so here … and now … I gaze and reflect over the  years … many steps … how I have transformed and taken on personas … exploring … Live Like Water … and now Introduce the retrospective … a rear view mirror and windshield … Stay tuned as I revisit, reshuffle and reorganize the journey …

The Great Tea Steeping : Teaman in Taiwan

Live Like Water presents the Great Tea Steeping a journey to Taiwan to source some great teas! It is my pleasure to present to you this photo essay, a collection of self portraits on location while visiting Taiwan this spring. Enjoy the tea trail and be sure to visit to get your fresh and tasty teas!

Like a Spider

I’ve unwrapped you
Like a spider does a fly
Stealing encounters
Taking advantage of the translucent web
That I’ve set
Between the moon and desire.
But now I sit in the middle
And call out
“Hey fly, won’t you come to me?
So I can eat you?”
It’s an offering that I want
You refuse.
So like an honest spider
I guess I will starve.