Sex On Saturday… Szekszardi Cheap Hungarian Red Wine But Tom’s East Vin Gets it Better!

I dedicate this post to Tom and East Vin in East Vancouver. Because I can’t make wine in his shop…which I’d love (to death) I end up choosing¬†affordable red wines at the SAQ and yes I am aware how much provincial tax I pay per bottle…In the future…very near future this must change…even if Tom does not move back east… Why don’t they (the government) just club us and rob us out right…very soon we Canadians will be making Afghanistan wine Soviet style…Tank break line fluid filtered though burnt toast into container of fermenting fruit…shaken and not stirred! Don’t forget old East Bulgarian Tooth paste from the old Soviet Block days…if you still have a secret stash do share…because we can’t live in the civilized west anymore…not at the prices they charge! Make your own wine and if you’re in Vancouver Go see Tom At East Vin!