Mother’s Prayer: A Photographic Exhibition Starting Nov 28th 2020

Mother’s Prayer: Struggle, Death and Rebirth: 55 years of cottage life in the Eastern Townships. RSVP required. Please email to set up a viewing. This exhibition will be ongoing at my private Gallery.

Stories begin to tell themselves over the years. Here I have gathered pieces to tell you the story of my Mother and a piece of land she bought with my Father back in 1965, a year before I was born. Over the years it has become more difficult for her physically and financially. The foundation of the old house began to shift and with it its walls until things fall apart. In this work I explore physical, financial and emotional shifts as well as the persistence of the human spirit to continue to struggle for a future beyond our years.

My Lolita Story

 It is time to turn up the heat on the dirty end of winter … and so this update on an ongoing story  … Over the past few years I have been photographing and reinterpreting the Lolita story; Variations on a theme. I have read and re-read the novel by Vladimir Nabokov and watched the 1962 Stanley Kubrick version of the movie once again; as well as the 1997 version directed by Adrian Lyne starring Jeremy Irons: two excellent movies filled with rich imagery. For my own part I had brought together 3 different women who were interested in the theme … stirred in some personal stock images which I have been accumulating over the past few years and concocted this version of my Lolita Story. Enjoy and stay tuned as the story continues to grow … Cheers Michael

East Bolton Farmers Market 2020

It’s here! the season is officially open for the East Bolton Farmers Market. Come and meet the faces new and old … great cheer and delicious food and TEA of course! Live Like Water … I’ll be there. The Market is Every Saturday 9.30 AM till 12pm 18 Terrio Park East Bolton J0E1G0 Do check out the markets face book page

Don’t Panic … Let the Good Times Roll

In light of the Covid19 situation I have been thinking about this whole situation with toilet paper and peoples over reactions … all the hoarding … what shitty behavior! And so Grandma Dynamite and I did a shoot … here is the result … Enjoy



Self Portraits: Me Me Me … All of Me

Of course I am a Mad Hatter … of sorts … and I like to tell tall tales … I wear many hats … character sketches … self portraits and exploration … and so here … and now … I gaze and reflect over the  years … many steps … how I have transformed and taken on personas … exploring … Live Like Water … and now Introduce the retrospective … a rear view mirror and windshield … Stay tuned as I revisit, reshuffle and reorganize the journey …

The Live Like Water Retreat

Some of my Fine Art prints inspired by my Live Like Water Retreat located in the beautiful Easter Townships of Quebec. I work and walk this land over and over and with each season discover more of its beauty. I hope these images also inspire you. I have some these cards printed and for sale with some nice teas. Follow the link to Live Like Water and Enjoy

Mail A Great Cup of Oolong Tea

Woman Shaman Portrait

I met Caroline Oullette of the La petite Fiole at the East Bolton Farmers Market when I was selling my teas. I wanted to explore Healing and Shamanism  and Wildcrafting a theme that resonated with both of us.

Recently I stumbled upon an Experimental Folk group called Heilung. Their sounds and dress inspired me. Do explore this group if you have a chance.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the series as much as I enjoyed exploring this theme … lets all take a little time to heal our spiritual wounds.

And Please do check out Caroline’s natural products and services!


Teaman In Ottawa

I recently had the pleasure to spend the day in Ottawa. Of course my first stop was to find the famous 5 and to share a good cup of tea. When I got to the Hill were I used to perform my duties as a Grenadier Guard all was quiet. Seems my girls were moved down the road. And so with my favorite tea pot I quickly dashed off. It was a short steep over and we of course enjoyed a good cup of tea … what can I say this years spring harvest was delightful!

After a spot of tea I was off toward the National Gallery of Canada. A first for me. And what a pleasure it was. Such an inspiring space to enjoy art. So if ever you are in the neighborhood do spend some time at the Gallery. The permanent collection is wonderful and don’t forget the Canadian Photography Institute. Here are a few images from my day in Ottawa.

Enjoy Michael