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Polish Mushroom Picking

Just a few pictures to all my friends with a special nod to the Polish / Ukrainian / Russian and other Eastern European friends who

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Fall Light

A couple of shots from last weekend at the retreat … something to wash away the rush of the city…

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Fall Abstract

During our fall semester at Dawson we had an assignment to practice zooming in and out while exposing. I took these shot at the live

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Photographic Impressions.

  After seeing the Impressionist exhibit from the Clark Museum here in Montreal I am compelled to offer up these images in hommage. When Photography

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Winter Card Ideas

Here are some of the ideas I am toying with for Christmas Cards…any suggestions anyone? Of course I have lots of variations on a theme…Cheers

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Fireflys and Flowers

I guess I now know why fireflies light up all night…glowing green lights flying through the night air; its because all day long they’re busy

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