Farm Fashion

Farm Fashion is a concept I use to describe lifestyle clothing my family wears for working in the country. Of course, some wouldn’t call it fashion at all, since not even farmers dress in this manner. The core of Farm Fashion is to dress down in working clothes which are either hand me downs or items that have been bought at the end of each season at liquidation prices.

Country clothes provided us with absolute freedom. It doesn’t matter how dirty we get, or if our clothes acquire burn marks, smell of smoke or get ripped. Farm fashion is really fashion-less, because we are not supposed to be seen.

The whole idea is comfort, and sometimes what we wear for the work we do is not practical at all, but that’s a conscious choice. When it’s hot we dress appropriately, of course is some people were to see and judge us, they would undoubtedly call our attire inappropriate. However, when you own acreage you can do what you want and how you want it; at least to some extent.

In the end Farm Fashion is a conscious move away from specialty items. It is all about using what you have and dressing comfortably for yourself and not an audience. And so I welcome you, for the first time ever, to witness what is never seen: Farm Fashion.

This photo essay is dedicated to my mother who has been working her 13 arches since 1965. She’s a true steward of the land and inspiration.


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