Haruko Takahashi Portrait

Every so often, if we are lucky, we meet dynamic and wise people like Haruko Takahashi. Our fates crossed when she needed identification photos. She had such a great time in the studio she kept telling everyone around her “you should bring your family” take pictures in the studio! Soon after that Haruko invited me to visit her on 17 East of the Montreal General Hospital, an invitation I gladly accepted. Haruko has no known family and she bonded with the staff and they in return bonded with her. Haruko just was and she shared her wisdom and educated thoughts … her presence and made its mark. When I was there we had a great chat and wonderful experience. A few days later she died. I do believe in fate and that we met people for a reason … its just up to us to be aware to see and understand why they are in our lives. For me as a portrait photographer meeting Haruko was an intense encounter and learning of her sudden death was very shocking and left a mark on me … quite un-expectected and painful … the human hart is the only organ that keeps breaking … and we go on …

These are the last portraits of who I was introduced to as Haruko Takahashi. I do believe in fate. Thank You Haruko for being there and reaching out and touching us all. I wish your soul a happy journey home. With lots of love Michael Cichon





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