This is Jackie, a woman I worked with when I was in my mid 20’s. We worked at the Montreal General Hospital, I in the kitchen and she in the cafeteria. In those days we laughed alot. I met her not to long ago when she was admitted for her heart. We talked about the old days, how the staff was like a big family. Sadly today with all the budget cutting and mismanagement that sentiment no longer prevails.

We talked about life and death. Those who’s faces we can still see, but who no longer walk beside us. However, we can still hear their voices and they live on in our memories. “I’m not afraid”  she told me about her of death. “I just need some time to get things in order.” This made me think of the unique position I was in to be a witness to this woman’s strength and how it becomes redefined with age, how it moves from the realm of the physical to the realm of the spiritual. It’s all part of this human journey. Here are the portraits of Jackie that I took on that day.

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