We all find teachers when we need them.Lessons are all around us, but we have to know where and how to look. I used to think how the teachers in the school system failed me terribly, but really they taught me very well, only not in the way I expected. Traveling through this world I have met many true teachers living according to their truths. I have been really blessed in my journey, and have met some wonderful mentors. While living in Korea my Korean older brother Lee Jae Young introduced to his Master, a Buddhist Monk by the name of Doe Sung Se Nim. Doe Sung Se Nim is a very special man for me. Just by looking into his eyes he could confirm the truth I carried inside myself. I would travel a long way to his temple with my head full of questions, but the moment I sat before him they all evaporated. I realized there was nothing to ask. His presence comforted and explained without the use of words, and to this day his warm eyes and happy face shine still for me. Deep down inside i know the path i must take, yet I resist still: like when I would listen to the sound of his Mok Tak and chanting at 2.45am, still laying on the warm floor under the blankets in the cold mountain air,conscious, awake, but still sleepy, clutching at every minute of comfort and warmth. Every thing in its own time. Anyways, here is a portrait I took of him for our Tea Zen label. I hope his picture inspires you daily as you drink your delicious tea .