Image 1. Iso 200. F8 at 1/60th of a second. 18mm.

St Brenden’s Church. This Catholic Church was built in 1929 by Architect D.E.Painchaud. The Church is located at 3542 Rosemont Blvd.

This my image that mixes natural and artificial light. I set up my tripod before sun set and took multiple exposures,  however I did not use them to create a composite in Photoshop. The artificial light is only one bulb above the door of the Church.

Image 2. Iso 200 F5.6 at 125th of a second. 35mm.

Now known as the V Building of the Royal Victoria Hospital, this was a one of the fines Stables of the Golden Square Mile and is part of the MUHC. The main house, now the Allan Memorial Hospital, not shown here, was built for its founder Sir Hugh Allan in 1863. He commissioned Victor Roy and John Hopkins to build the house which he named Ravenscarag. The Allan’ s  were very interested in horses and filled their fine stable with thoroughbreds. The V building now houses the Department of Clinical Epidemiology.

For this image the requirements were to have vertical and horizontal lines parallel to the edge of the frame. The challenge was to get the perspective right using Photoshops’ free transform tool

Image 3: Iso 200 F8 at 1/60th of a second (with flash) 18mm.

Mailroom Located in the basement of the A pavilion of the Royal Victoria Hospital which was established in 1893. The hospital was designed by Henry Saxon Snell, a Scottish architect. Although majestic on the outside, the inside of the building is dirty and neglected. Although unconfirmed, It has been said the pipes and ceiling are lined with asbestos. The circulation is poor and there is much dust and dirt everywhere. So much for a healthy environment.

Image 4. Iso 200 F22 1/3 of a second 35mm

Westmount Public Library. This building was constructed between 1898 and 1899 by the architect Robert Findlay in commemoration of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee.

This image fulfills the requirement of compositing. Four exposures were used, combining exposures of 1/3 of a second, 1 second, 2seconds and 4 seconds for the highlights. The Iso was set at 200 and the F stop was 22. I used my 35mm lens which on a cropped sensor comes out to 52mm


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