Royal Victoria Hospital

It started with a few random portraits of coworkers. I am enrolled in Dawson College’s Commercial Photography program, and my co-workers graciously posed for my school assignments and from that this project has gained a life of its own and matured into the photo essay which I present here in its raw form.¬† Things started to unfold and open with the closing of the Royal Victoria Hospital. People began to look around their work environment which triggered personal emotions as we remembered all the years and friends we made along the way. Initially, I focused on the people that I knew and the familiar corridors … and soon found myself introduced to corners that I had never seen. I thank you all for sharing your world with me, and allowing me to tell our story of the Royal Victoria Hospital and Alan Memorial.

Portraits on Location

Here is a collection of portraits  shot on location.

My Moscow Neighbor

Here are a couple of portraits of my Moscow neighbor. Sometime in 2000 I moved to Moscow and was looking for a break in either advertising or broadcasting. Somewhere along the way the economy collapsed and I moved on. This neighbor of mine was very stoic…I have lots to tell about her but for now I will just post these two pictures.

Thamarr Studio Shoot

¬†One of my favorite models is Thamarr. She’s so natural and and fluid. She expresses herself well and also plays characters well. I love working with this incredible woman.