Robax acet Product Portrait

Well certain products are really household names … at least in our household … Mom and I like to work in the woods … and the Live Like Water Retreat gives us our fair share of outdoor physical fun … and yes we enjoy the labor that is involved … but at the end of the day we are happy Robax and a hot bath can be had … and of course then we’re Back at it Again! So here is a series of photo’s I came up with to illustrate this concept … Enjoy! Cheers Michael


Product Photography: Beer and Spirits

To photograph a bottle of Moretti Beer as the assignment from Michel Pilon. I enjoyed the challenge of product photography and loved working on my own in the studio. I have continued and explored … venturing into product portraiture and taking our of the studio and into the fresh air of the country. None of these images are retouched except for the first one. Cheers