Yes, way back when, while living in Vancouver,BC, I used to drop my drawer’s for art! I had the Live Like Water Tea Shop in Chinatown just a few streets down from Basic Inquiry that had Life Modelling. My good friend and great artist David Lane modeled there. He thought I would also make for a good life model. And so one day I found myself modeling for Basic Inquiry. It was a lovely space, they have since moved) and they used to play CBC and at the time it was a program by Danielle Charboneau called Music for Awhile. I always enjoyed her show and her taste in music echo’s still like the pied piper that lead us into her show. Ah memories. Needless to say I enjoyed my experiences at Basic Inquiry and expanded to so many other places in Vancouver. Emily Carr University of Art and Design was one where I had fun. Some of my jobs were to in costume and so naturally being the Cultural Cross Dressed that I am I would come with my Korean Hambok and Monks clothing.

Here is a photo essay I put together. The photo’s were taken with my old Nikon Camera using Tri X Film later scanned. The pictures were taken at Basic Inquiry and Emily Carr University of Design and Art.

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