Robax acet Product Portrait

Well certain products are really household names … at least in our household … Mom and I like to work in the woods … and the Live Like Water Retreat gives us our fair share of outdoor physical fun … and yes we enjoy the labor that is involved … but at the end of the day we are happy Robax and a hot bath can be had … and of course then we’re Back at it Again! So here is a series of photo’s I came up with to illustrate this concept … Enjoy! Cheers Michael


Product Photography: Beer and Spirits

To photograph a bottle of Moretti Beer as the assignment from Michel Pilon. I enjoyed the challenge of product photography and loved working on my own in the studio. I have continued and explored … venturing into product portraiture and taking our of the studio and into the fresh air of the country. None of these images are retouched except for the first one. Cheers

Té Bheag Scotch Whisky

Another one of my assignments for studio class where I had to make some sort of ad. The tea bag lady was to be for my tea promotion, but last minute I changed course and came up with this idea…The make up artist was the very talented Keltoum Nass with who I have had the pleasure of working with in the past…Thanks Kate…and my very talented studio partner / photographer Bin Han…the team makes the shoot!