Captain Green Tea’s Morning Pot

One of the Fantastic Tea Pot’s by Keith Lehman and Carole Henshall of Poplar Studio in Vancouver BC … This was the blast off for the character Captain Green Tea and his side kick Tea Turtle

Captain Green Tea's Morning Pot!

Captain Green Tea’s Morning Pot!

On Planet Fire Fly

On Planet Fire Fly

MUHC Glen Site Employee’s Day

Just a few pictures taken during lunch at the Glen’s Employee’s day Lunch. Even Marc Graneau the Member of Parliament for the riding of Westmount—Ville-Marie since 2008 was there to speak. It was a lovely afternoon and it was very nice to see so many smiling faces that I knew from years gone by…Cheers to you all!

Burlesque Tea

For A Dawson Studio assignment we had to shoot a model and then make a composite by placing them on another background. After struggling with different background concepts I came up with this. More pictures will follow when I finish “extracting” my subject. A big thank you to Ruby Rhapsody a very talented Burlesque dancer, and of course Teny our make up artist. Thank you Bin Han, my studio partner for all your help.

St. Brendan’s Parish – Father Paul Fr. Paul Pomkoski – Fifth Sunday of Lent

For my architectural assignment I photographed the outside of St Brendan’s church here in Rosemont. For this assignment I contacted Father Paul to see if I could do my photo essay on him and his Parish. We arranged to meet at the rectory to meet and discuss the matter further. This past semester I have been contemplating and reaching out to the community around me in Rosemont, an area where I have lived since the age of 10. I attended St Brendan’s school and had done my confirmation at St Brendan’s church. In many ways although this is a story about Father Paul and St. Brendan’s church, it is also my story as I retrace my spiritual roots and rediscover the communities that I once attended and continue to flourish with the next generation.

When I met with Father Paul to introduce myself I told him that I had attended sporadically, and that was due to my Mother who wanted to make sure her grandchildren were exposed to the church community. What stood out for me was Father Paul’s charisma and how his sermon’s were always delivered from the heart with passion and wisdom. St Brendan’s is a vibrant community with many young families that attend with their children. These were some of the reasons why I felt attracted to do my story on St Brendan’s.

Father Paul and I had agreed that I would photograph a special mass on the 5th Sunday of Lent. It was an afternoon mass for the parents and children that were going to do their First Confirmation. This mass was to be co-hosted by another visiting priest and was meant to go over the rituals of the mass and their meaning. This proved to be a good review for myself;  I learned that the reason they put a drop of water into the sacramental wine was because one drop cannot be separated from the wine and yet does not dilute the whole.

Palm Sunday At St.Bonifatius

This Sunday I was invited to photograph the Palm Sunday Mass at Saint Bonifatius, in Montreal. Here are some moments from this mornings family mass. Then there was delicious cake and coffee downstairs after the service. Be sure to drop by 3751 de-l’Hotel-de la Ville.

Montreal Architecture Assignment

Image 1. Iso 200. F8 at 1/60th of a second. 18mm.

St Brenden’s Church. This Catholic Church was built in 1929 by Architect D.E.Painchaud. The Church is located at 3542 Rosemont Blvd.

This my image that mixes natural and artificial light. I set up my tripod before sun set and took multiple exposures,  however I did not use them to create a composite in Photoshop. The artificial light is only one bulb above the door of the Church.

Image 2. Iso 200 F5.6 at 125th of a second. 35mm.

Now known as the V Building of the Royal Victoria Hospital, this was a one of the fines Stables of the Golden Square Mile and is part of the MUHC. The main house, now the Allan Memorial Hospital, not shown here, was built for its founder Sir Hugh Allan in 1863. He commissioned Victor Roy and John Hopkins to build the house which he named Ravenscarag. The Allan’ s  were very interested in horses and filled their fine stable with thoroughbreds. The V building now houses the Department of Clinical Epidemiology.

For this image the requirements were to have vertical and horizontal lines parallel to the edge of the frame. The challenge was to get the perspective right using Photoshops’ free transform tool

Image 3: Iso 200 F8 at 1/60th of a second (with flash) 18mm.

Mailroom Located in the basement of the A pavilion of the Royal Victoria Hospital which was established in 1893. The hospital was designed by Henry Saxon Snell, a Scottish architect. Although majestic on the outside, the inside of the building is dirty and neglected. Although unconfirmed, It has been said the pipes and ceiling are lined with asbestos. The circulation is poor and there is much dust and dirt everywhere. So much for a healthy environment.

Image 4. Iso 200 F22 1/3 of a second 35mm

Westmount Public Library. This building was constructed between 1898 and 1899 by the architect Robert Findlay in commemoration of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee.

This image fulfills the requirement of compositing. Four exposures were used, combining exposures of 1/3 of a second, 1 second, 2seconds and 4 seconds for the highlights. The Iso was set at 200 and the F stop was 22. I used my 35mm lens which on a cropped sensor comes out to 52mm


Christmas Recital at Maison Jesus-Marie, Longueuil,Quebec

This Christmas our family (my nieces and nephew) traveled to the Maison Jesus-Marie in Longueuil Quebec to sing for the elderly nuns who live there in residence. Many were teachers and highly esteemed in their respective fields. It was a special time in the spirit of giving and sharing one’s time. The sisters were overjoyed, especially interacting with the younger children who at one point handed out finger puppets and candies! At a couple of points during the recital those in the choir joined those in the audience and asked them to dance in whatever capacity they were able. In some cases they were wheeled in the wheelchairs as they moved their arms and sang. It was an incredible sight to behold…to hear the voices come together in community and see the smiling faces. These are the pictures I took during this special event.

Life Modeling

Yes, way back when, while living in Vancouver,BC, I used to drop my drawer’s for art! I had the Live Like Water Tea Shop in Chinatown just a few streets down from Basic Inquiry that had Life Modelling. My good friend and great artist David Lane modeled there. He thought I would also make for a good life model. And so one day I found myself modeling for Basic Inquiry. It was a lovely space, they have since moved) and they used to play CBC and at the time it was a program by Danielle Charboneau called Music for Awhile. I always enjoyed her show and her taste in music echo’s still like the pied piper that lead us into her show. Ah memories. Needless to say I enjoyed my experiences at Basic Inquiry and expanded to so many other places in Vancouver. Emily Carr University of Art and Design was one where I had fun. Some of my jobs were to in costume and so naturally being the Cultural Cross Dressed that I am I would come with my Korean Hambok and Monks clothing.

Here is a photo essay I put together. The photo’s were taken with my old Nikon Camera using Tri X Film later scanned. The pictures were taken at Basic Inquiry and Emily Carr University of Design and Art.